Anonymisation is the removal of specific attributes of i.e. a reservation as to permanently remove the relation between the event and a specific person. To pseudonomise is the removal of the same attributes, however the original relation with the specific person may still be recovered by using a specific key. Officebooking uses both techniques.

In our ‘Archive’ section you set a specified number of days after which reservations and/or checkins need anonymisation. all reservations and checkins are matched to a specific ‘anonymous’ user. That may be an existing user or a user as created by the platform.

How to set Anonymisation?

1. To activate Anonymisation you’ll need to select Company. Within the company page you select ‘Archive’. Enter the number of days after which the data is anonymised, for example 21 if you want to anonymise all reservations or checkins with a start date 21 days before today.

2. Select the Activate tick box.

3. Select Save to store your settings. The anonymisation job will be scheduled next night.

Replace original user

Anonymisation jobs are scheduled every 24 hours in the night. The original user of a reservation or checkin is replaced by a standard ‘anonymous’ user. You may use an existing (dummy) user by entering ANONYMOUS_USER at the UID of the user. If you don’t select a specific user the system will generate one for you.

90 days

The original user is stored with a specific key for 90 days. If you would need access to the original user data within the 90 days term you are requested to send an email to our support staff with a motivated request. After the 90 day period the original data is irreversibly removed. Occupancy data is still accessible.