Make your business Covid-proof

Make sure your employees are well informed about the workplace occupancy in the office and clearly indicate where places are still available to use. We have already collected some quick tips in collaboration with our partners.

Clarify your new workplace layout

Supply your colleagues with a clear office floor plan. Indicate the directions for walking around the office and show the available workspaces. Officebooking offers extra guidance in establishing clear and intuitive floor plans.

Guarantee a safe environment

Supply your colleagues with an up-to-date overview of office occupancy. Check in on-site using your smartphone, the wifi network or sensors. Easily book a workspace, room or parking spot. Al our apps are user-friendly and available in multiple languages.

Ensure a safe and responsible work environment.


Digital signage

Implement our digital signage solution to provide your colleagues with real-time guidance.

Responsible hospitality

By using our visitor registration solution, guest invitation is quick and simple. Visitors can confirm their attendance using the app our by scanning a QR-code at your service desk. You receive mobile notification or e-mail when your guest has arrived!

Mobile notifications

Send a mobile notification to your colleagues when the office occupancy (almost) reached it’s maximum. Prevent disappointments.

Make workspaces bookable

Make your workspaces bookable. Implement rules based on usergroups: the maximum number of reservations, the duration of reservations and how many weeks they can be booked in advance. The room-signage solution instantly generates real-time insight into workspace availability in your office.

  • Installation of displays

  • Stickers and imprinted panels

  • Communication rollout

  • Floor attendants


Together with our partners we offer full support with the implementation of our platform. We can implement your company account within days, ensuring that it’s ready to use for your colleagues.

Officebooking upholds a high standard concerning the privacy of our users.

Aside from support with standard implementation, Officebooking and our partners offer complementary services.

Service platform

Stay in control of visits, reservations and support activities. Our dashboards offer your hospitality team real-time insight into the status of al your processes. Completely customizable according to your administrative needs.

Ensure a safe and responsible work environment.