What is different?

The past few months we have worked hard on a new login service. The service enables you to login via one centralised service at all various Officebooking communities. We don’t need any different apps, all customers will login via one app. Another advantage is that you will no longer be required to enter the Company code when you login via Single Sign On. Just enter your email address and you are redirected to the right service.

Read more on logging in on the web app and logging in on the mobile app with the new login service.

What will change for you?

We’ve improved the user experience for the end users. You will be using your email address as an identifier, your login name is no longer requested.

The web address of the new login page will be login.officebooking.net. Did you use another web address? No worries, you will automatically be redirected to the new login page.

Using SSO
When using SSO to login you will be requested to enter your email address. You will be redirected to the login page of your organisation where you will login with your company authentication. The company code is no longer requested.

Please note: in some cases we might request you to enter the company code as a failsafe.

Using username and password
When you used to login with username and password you are now requested to enter your email address and password

Tip: use a password manager to safely store and manage your passwords.


Administrators are also allowed to login with username and password, for example when SSO hasn’t been implemented. You can select the link Sign in with password’.

SSO configuration

You’ll need to make some changes within your current SSO configuration.
The new url will be login.officebooking.net.

Read more on configuring your SSO service.


Do you need more support when changing to our new login services? Please contact our Support team. If required we will schedule an online meeting to guide you through the various stages. 


I activated the proxy but I get an error when logging in. 
Please check if you followed both Step 1 and Step 2. It’s important that you enable proxy login directly after you’ve configured SSO. 
I edited the links and activated the proxy but I still get the old login service
Check again if you activated the proxy at the company settings. Refresh your browser window or test via an incognito browser window. 
I tried logging in with username and password but I keep getting errormessages
The proxy uses the email address to establish a connection. Only if the username is similar to the email address you can keep logging in with your username. 
I’m a new user but I can’t login with SSO
New users are automatically created within Officebooking. Check if you have permission to use the app at your organisation IT service desk.