Officebooking Interactive Room Signage is available for different types of tablet displays, for example, Samsung DB10E – T or ProDVX APPC 10 DSQPL with LED lighting. To install the Officebooking Signager Application on an Android Mobile operating system, you must install the Android Container app. This App starts automatically as soon as the Tablet is switched on. For the ProDVX APPC 10 DSQPL (LED), the app controls the LED lighting.

In most cases, the app is already installed on the device. If not, please contact Officebooking support.

Hide Status bar onĀ  ProDVX APPC 10 DSQPL (LED)
By default, the status bar is shown at the bottom of the Display on most Android Devices. How you can hide the status bar differs per screen? For proDVX screens, select the ‘Display’ feature in the settings menu.
Then select ‘Hide Status Bar’.