Call companies pilot Internet-of-workplaces

Meet our wireless sensor ESCA. ESCA has been developed to very accurately measure occupancy of space in office buildings. By using innovative Internet-of-things technology (IOT) such as LORA and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), we can easily determine the status and location of your assets. Space occupancy is measured anonymously. It is also possible to determine the identity of your users on the basis of ‘opt-in’.

To test this innovative technology in practice, we are looking for the last five pilot companies that want to actively participate in a pilot for a period of 3 to 6 months. By participating, you not only gain direct insight into the use of smart workplace technology based on the Officebooking platform, but you immediately experience the potential of IOT technology within your own company.

Participating companies will receive (on loan) a set of 5 sensors and one LORA modem. The Officebooking platform gives you direct insight into the status and results of the occupancy measurement. The results of the pilot will be used, among other things, to improve our technology.

The advantages of ESCA are:

Fast assembly and installation
Battery life on average 2 years
Maintenance free
Low cost per sensor

What is expected from the pilot company :

-Passion for the use of innovative technology within building management
-Proactive in reducing management and energy costs
-Interest in making real estate more flexible
-nterest and/or experience with the implementation of activity-based working

We ask the participating companies to contribute to the costs of the pilot. Please contact Jantine for more information about participation.