Release 4.3.1

We continue to work at Officebooking in the summer! What we have changed in this release:

Invite participants to your reservation

You can now send an invitation to participants of a meeting from Officebooking. Your guests will receive an e-mail message with the invitation and an ‘iCal’ attachment so that they can easily add the invitation to their agenda.

Amenities and invited guests are now together with extensive reservation options. Click on the arrow to expand your reservation.

Signage on 7″ displays

The signage is now also available on 7” displays. There were some issues with the display of the input field, which have been resolved in this release.

Recurring events

Recurring events from Outlook are now included. Please note that an event is repeated a maximum of 5 times, so if you have a monthly reservation it will be planned up to 6 months in advance. A recurring event can only be changed in Outlook, not in Office booking.