The LocationManager app and OfficeAdmin has been merged! There’s no need to login separately to the LocationManager app to access all functions that are available for the Location manager role. Currently, users with a Location manager role can only access their location and have limited edit rights for i.e. assets and user data.

For users with the admin role there are no changes, you still have access to all company data and functionality. The LocationManager app will be available until June 2021.

About the Location manager

The Location manager is meant for office managers, employees of the service desk or reception in order to manage reservations, visits and check-ins and to be able to create reservations and visits on behalf of a user of the organisation. The Location managers rights are somewhat limited, i.e. you can’t edit or delete an asset.

Features that are available to a Location manager are:

  • View, create, edit, cancel and stop all reservations of the assigned location
  • View, create and stop sessions of the assigned location
  • View, create, edit, checkin and checkout visitors of the assigned location
  • Access to location specific reporting dashboard
  • Export all reservation and orders data

Access to the officeAdmin portal

  1. Make sure the Location manager is linked to his/her location. Change the role and associated location at Users.
  2. Login to the Web app
  3. Select the button Admin. A new tab wil open with the officeAdmin.