Release 4.3.3

We have made some necessary changes to the Booking Engine and OfficeAdmin.

Create another

You can now easily make a copy of your reservation in the booking engine, the web app for Officebooking end users.

Make a new reservation field at the bottom.

By selecting the Reserve button, your reservation is created, but the reservation screen remains and you can, for example, make the same reservation on a different date or at a different time. The same functionality will soon be offered in OfficeAdmin and the Location manager.

Change time/date of reservations synchronized with Exchange/Office 365

Until now it was not possible to change the time and/or date of reservations that were synchronized with Exchange or Office 365 in the web app, the Booking engine. We have now adjusted that so that you can more easily enter a change in the time or date.

Hide a reservation title on the Booklist

There was a bug in the ability to ‘hide’ a title on the Booklist, the overview screen. That didn’t come in handy if you had just created a new reservation whose title you don’t want to be shown on the display. Note: titles of reservations are shown by default. By unchecking the box, the reservation will no longer be shown on the overview screen, but will still be shown in the apps or the Interactive signage app.

Stop a reservation in OfficeAdmin

It is now also possible to ‘stop’ a reservation in OfficeAdmin. This only works for reservations that have already started. In all other cases, you can change or cancel a reservation.