Adopting flexible working practices is no longer new or innovative, since it already exists in 94% of the organisations according to recent research by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). Modern ICT makes flexibility in work arrangement possible or more feasible. Obviously at Officebooking we couldn’t agree more. Other important factors mentioned included experience in practice with flexible work arrangements. They contributed to the overall positive attitude of managers towards flexible working practices. Especially when successful senior roles models exist.

Some resistance remains. Most of it concentrated with the group of (first line) managers who did not experience the benefits of flexible work practices themselves yet. Some managers also struggle with meeting the demands of managing an increasingly flexible workforce. Changes in leadership skills are  required including good communication and planning skills. More focus on managing the output of employees as opposed to managing the input (e.g. hour spent in the office) is required to reap the benefits of flexible working.

The Infographic presents an overview of some of the key points. We read the full report, highly recommended.3FCF9502-40FE-477D-8876-AF11C6494E3E