Installation Spaceviewer

Direct your estate visitors to the right spot via our Spaceviewer app. When you enter, simply search for a free desk, meeting room. The Spaceviewer provides a complete overview of the current occupancy in the building

The Spaceviewer app is available within various templates and can be customized to your needs. All data is refreshed instantly to keep your information up to date. Integration with building management, narrowcasting and messaging services available. 


Step 1: Access to the OfficeAdmin

This guide assumes someone in your organization (or Officebooking Support) has already created an Admin account for you. This account will give you access to the OfficeAdmin portal.


Step 2: Create a Location manager account to log in

Before you can log in to the Spaceviewer app, you need a Location manager user account to log in with. Creating a user is done in the OfficeAdmin portal. It’s also possible that this account has already been created for you by an Officebooking support employee. In this case you will receive the login details from them and you can skip this step. 

Within the OfficeAdmin environment you can manage the users under the heading ‘Users’ in the menu on the left. You can create a Location manager user account by clicking the ‘Add user’ button. Below we explain the mandatory fields in more detail:

  • Role: when creating a device, the role must be set to ‘Location manager’. If the user is not a Location manager, the account can’t be used to log in on a Spaceviewer display.
  • Location: choose the location that you want to display on the Spaceviewer.
  • First and last name: the first and last name of the user can be used to find the user in the user overview. These names won’t be visible on the display.
  • Authorized: select ‘Authorized’. Only authorized users can log in.
  • User name: choose a user name for your Spaceviewer user account. You will need this to log in to the Spaceviewer app.
  • Email: the email address is used to retrieve forgotten passwords. This field is required but not often used.
  • Password: the password is used to log into the Spaceviewer app along with the user name.

Select ‘Save user’ to save the Location manager user. You can now use this account to log in on the Spaceviewer app.


Step 3: Open the Spaceviewer app and log in

  1. To start the Spaceviewer app, open the following url on your display:
  2. Now log in with the Location manager account, using the user name and password that you’ve created in the previous step.


Step 4: Choose the right template

After logging in to the Spaceviewer app you get different templates to choose from. These templates are view only and no-touch templates.

Choose the template that you prefer for your situation.

  • Spaceviewer: possible to show 1 floor at the time, doesn’t switch between multiple floors.
  • Multi spaceviewer: possible to show multiple floors for 1 location, automatically switches between the multiple floors.
  • Multi spaceviewer 2: possible to show 2 locations at the same time, automatically switches between the multiple floors.

After choosing the right template, make sure to zoom in the different floor levels up to the right zoom level. After changing it once, the zoom level will stay the same each time it refreshes.

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