Trouble shooting Interactive Room Signage

Troubleshooting: display installation

  • Display won’t boot
    Try rebooting the device by pressing the top left button and select ‘Restart’. If this won’t work please contact Officebooking Support.
  • Display keeps restarting Android
    Please check your Power over Ethernet settings. The SLB display requires PoE+. This needs to be dedicated to the ports for the display. Currently the displays don’t support LLDP.
  • Can’t install the app from the browser on the display
    In many cases Android won’t allow you to install an app directly from the web on the display. Use the Updater app to install new versions of the app or install the app via a USB device.
  • Brightness of the display is very low
    Open ‘Settings’ on the home screen and select ‘Display’. Set the brightness of the display to the highest value or as desired.
  • Can’t login to the Signager app
    Please check the device user credentials in OfficeAdmin. The username of the device user should be the tag code of the room you want to show on the display. This tag code consists of the company code and a unique code that refers to the desk/room number, ie WIL-1001 referring to the asset with room number 1.001. Please make sure there are no other characters in the login name such as . or space.
  • Room data is not appearing, just a title bar or empty screen
    Please check the device’ user credentials. Most likely the login name of the device user doesn’t match the asset tag code. In this case the device user can’t connect to the right room and its details.


Trouble shooting: using the Signager app

  • A user is trying to make a reservation, but their email address doesn’t show in the list
    In this case the user doesn’t have the correct rights (isn’t in the right user group) or the user doesn’t have an Officebooking account at all. You can manage the user’s details in the OfficeAdmin.
  • A user is trying to make a reservation, but can only select a single green block in the timeline
    The user should hold their finger and pull to the right to select a longer period for their reservation.
  • The room is available (no reservations), but the LED border is still read, instead of green
    In this case the previous user didn’t check out. When the user checks out the border will turn green again. The room is always available as long as the status shows ‘Available’.


Contact Officebooking Support

Please contact us if you’re running into any problems or if there are any questions regarding the installation process. All support request should be send to

When requesting support, please check the following details and include this information with your request.

  • Version of the display
  • Version of firmware
  • Version of Officebooking app
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