Officebooking provides a range of features that enable users to book meeting rooms, manage workspaces, and track resource usage. While the platform is already equipped with a robust analytics tool, we are excited to introduce a new feature that we believe will make the tool even more powerful for our users. This feature allows admin users to save specific filters, creating custom views of the analytics data tailored to their specific needs.

To make the analytics tool even more powerful, Officebooking has introduced a new feature that allows admin users to save specific filters. With this new feature, admins can create custom views of the analytics data that are tailored to their specific needs. This makes it easier to get the insights they need quickly, without having to manually adjust the filters every time they want to see different data.

So how does this new feature work?

Admin users can access the filter options within the analytics dashboard, and select the criteria they want to filter by. Once they have selected their desired filters, they can click the “Save Filter” button to save the filter view. The saved filter view will then appear in a dropdown menu, alongside other saved filters. Admins can easily switch between different filter views to get the data they need quickly and efficiently.

There are many different ways that admin users can use this new feature to gain valuable insights into their office space usage. For example, they could create a filtered view that shows only the usage data for specific meeting rooms or a filtered view that shows usage data for a particular team or department. They could also create filter views that focus on specific time periods, such as peak usage times or quieter periods.

The ability to save specific filters also makes it easier for admins to share insights with other members of their team. They can simply share the link to a saved filter view, rather than having to share screenshots or explain the filter criteria and manually adjust the filters each time. This can save a significant amount of time and make it easier for everyone to stay on top of how the office space is being used.

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