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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a supplier of commercial flex spaces, how do I get in your company file?2019-10-18T06:56:14+00:00

Contact us for an account. After we have sent your company account details, you can enter locations, workspaces and conditions of use. We ensure that the offer is accessible for users. For example for all users within the OPEN community of Officebooking users or only for their own relationships.

Which commission does Officebooking charge?2019-10-18T06:53:50+00:00

We do not charge a commission per booking. You pay a fixed fee for the subscription.

How does the Officebooking link with Exchange work?2020-07-20T10:08:33+00:00

We synchronize the occupancy information between Officebooking and Exchange for all the workspaces you specify. If you already have a working company account, you can set this up yourself.

Why do I not have access to EWS on my mail server?2020-07-20T10:08:59+00:00

Check if you are using the correct username and password for the account that you use for synchronization. If the password does not seem correct, try resetting it.

Also check if you are using the correct URL. It should look something like this:

Why is the new reservation not (yet) synchronized?2020-07-20T10:10:05+00:00

We synchronize the data between your mail server and our Officebooking environment every 3 to 6 minutes. So wait a little longer, the data exchange may still have to take place.

With this we try to limit the load on your mail server. In practice, this meets the needs of our users. This is similar to what you are used to from a mail server: it often takes a while for the mail sent to arrive.

How do I get the Officebooking information on my screen?2020-07-20T10:11:05+00:00

Create a user account for each screen / room at Officebooking. Start the URL launcher from the screen and go to ,
log in with a valid username and password.

What is the URL for my screen?2020-07-20T10:12:14+00:00

Go to this link, log in with a valid username and password.

Why is the displayed system time incorrect on my screen?2020-07-20T10:12:46+00:00

This is a known issue for some Samsung DB10 screens that is caused by the (outdated) firmware of the screen. Update the screen to the most recent version of the firmware.

Why do I see the occupancy information for another room?2020-07-20T10:13:03+00:00

Every room for which occupancy information is shown on a fixed screen has its own account. Check if you have used the correct account. Also note the tag id of the room.

Can I also check in automatically?2020-07-20T09:51:31+00:00

Officebooking also supports automated check-in at the workplace. We supported, among other things, integration with beacons, sensors, WiFi and have an API for linking with other data sources. Contact us and ask about the possibilities

Can I also check out automatically?2020-07-20T10:02:28+00:00

You can automatically check out with our Officebooking app as soon as it finds that the distance to your workplace has become too large. This is an option that the administrator of the Officebooking company account can set themselves.

For users of the other Officebooking instruments, there are several options available to check out automatically. We support, among other things, the automated closing of current sessions after working hours. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

What do you do with my data and which are recorded?2020-07-20T10:05:53+00:00

We record limited data about you according to the “Privacy by Design” principle.
In our privacy policy you will find a comprehensive answer to your questions about privacy and data protection.

What devices are supported?2020-07-20T09:49:15+00:00

Our native Officebooking app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Our web apps are fully responsive so you may access our reservation services through any (mobile) device. We offer API access to our registered partners, i.e. signage provider or affiliate services. Please contact us for more information.

How can I use the Officebooking app?2020-07-20T09:43:35+00:00

Anyone can use our app, but you need to register for an Officebooking account first. You can register for our Open Community here. Once registered you get access to all available workspaces and assets within the open community. If your company has access by a company account you should check with your facility desk and signup using your company code.

Where can I download the app?2020-07-20T09:44:36+00:00

You can find the Officebooking app in the Apple or Google Play appstores. Search for Officebooking.


How do I check-in using a QR code?2019-10-10T09:58:01+00:00

Using your app you can check-in on any workplace with an Officebooking QR-code on it. Select the button “Scan workplace-code”. Alternatively you can also enter the code manually in the box and press the start button. If you mark a personal favorite workplace as “favorite” in the app, you can check-in directly by selecting this favorite next time!

Can I check-in at more than one location?2019-10-10T09:58:45+00:00

Dependent on your company settings you can check-in on multiple workplaces or locations.

I forgot to check-out, what should I do?2019-10-10T09:58:38+00:00

You can check-out any time  by ending the work session in the app. Dependent on company settings you’re also automatically checked out if you’re about 1.5 km outside your office location. If you need assistance with checking out you may contact your facility desk.

How can I check-in at home?2019-10-10T09:58:31+00:00

If you want to register a valid work session while working from home, you can check-in by entering the code HOME and press the start button or scan the home QR code, provided by your employer. Your status information is not visible on any (floor) map. Your coworkers can see you status (checked-in at home) unless you decide to change your privacy settings.

How can I create a reservation in the app?2020-07-20T10:04:14+00:00

The app helps you to quickly select your desired workspace in any location. To make a reservation you can use the Reservation button. By selecting a date you are able to select any available date and time. If you would like to access additional search and selection options, please use a browser to access our portal.

How can I change my reservation?2020-07-20T10:07:40+00:00

Currently, you can only delete a reservation from your list in the web app. Your location manager will receive a notification of the changes.

Who can see my status when using the app?2019-10-14T10:10:10+00:00

Your status information will only be visible for your own coworkers if you use a corporate account. If you are a member of our Officebooking Open Community, all community members will be able to see your status information. You can change your privacy settings in the Officebooking app under Settings by switching your visibility setting to OFF. If you use our web based booking application, login and go to My Profile to change your privacy settings

How does invoicing work?2019-10-10T09:51:07+00:00

Members of the Officebooking Open Community receive a monthly invoice of office usage, amenities and related costs if applicable. If you are a registered user of a corporate account, your employer will receive the invoice. In that case you don’t receive a separate invoice for the use of Officebooking services.

What are the costs of Officebooking2019-10-17T14:10:38+00:00

Use of Officebooking is free for everyone who registers as a member of our Officebooking Open Community. Employees using a company account are subject to different terms and conditions. Contact us for a free trial or subscription.

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