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How can I create a reservation in the app?2020-07-20T10:04:14+00:00

The app helps you to quickly select your desired workspace in any location. To make a reservation you can use the Reservation button. By selecting a date you are able to select any available date and time. If you would like to access additional search and selection options, please use a browser to access our portal.

What do you do with my data and which are recorded?2020-07-20T10:05:53+00:00

We record limited data about you according to the “Privacy by Design” principle.
In our privacy policy you will find a comprehensive answer to your questions about privacy and data protection.

How can I change my reservation?2020-07-20T10:07:40+00:00

Currently, you can only delete a reservation from your list in the web app. Your location manager will receive a notification of the changes.

Can I also check out automatically?2020-07-20T10:02:28+00:00

You can automatically check out with our Officebooking app as soon as it finds that the distance to your workplace has become too large. This is an option that the administrator of the Officebooking company account can set themselves.

For users of the other Officebooking instruments, there are several options available to check out automatically. We support, among other things, the automated closing of current sessions after working hours. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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