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Officebooking offers many standard functionalities and useful modules. Our price model is simple, you pay per desk/room or per specific integration. See which combination of solutions suits your situation the best. Do you need advice to make a proper choice? Request a demo to discuss the possibilities together.

Standard platform features

Unlimited number of users Pay only for desks and rooms that are used.
Mobile app (iOS and Android) and web app Our apps are free for all normal users, you only pay for the desks/rooms that can be reserved and for specific modules.
Unlimited number of floors A high level of flexibility: add new workspaces easily or remove them again.
Unlimited number of locations No restrictions regarding the number of locations. You can enter a time zone per location.
Categories and labels Put specific characteristics of your assets and people in an overview, via groups, categories or labels.
Integrations We standardly support integrations with Microsoft O365, Google Workspace, SSO with various suppliers and workflow management systems.


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Reservation in advance Users book a room, desk or operational asset themselves.
Repetitive reservations Make a series of reservations for a longer period or several of the same reservations in a row.
Presence of other users Users can see when and where a colleague works at the office today, or at a specific date, based on reservations and check-ins.
Outlook/Google calendar integration Integrate your Outlook/Google calendar data with Officebooking.
Outlook Add-in Open the Officebooking app in your Outlook calendar and easily book a workplace of room.
Single Sign On Log in easily and safe with your own organisation account via Single Sign On.
Groups for users and assets Determine which groups of users have access to which assets.
Combination rooms Link separate rooms into a combination room, so they can be booked together or separately.
Shift booking The possibility to set up specific work schemes for user groups.
No-show management Make room for your colleagues and cancel reservations as soon as a user does not check in on time.
Group settings Give only a specific group of users access to the room or determine for how long the room can be booked.
Restrictions reservation management A maximum number of reservations per week, maximum duration of a reservation, maximum number of simultaneous reservations.
Reports Making specific reports based on a certain period, filters or users.


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Interactive floor plans Automatic change between floors or locations. Select the desk/room for staffing level representation.
Actual staffing level representation Look at any moment what the actual staffing level in the building is.
Digital sign post Offer the users the ability to find their way at the location.
Self-service kiosk Let your users or visitors check in immediately at arrival.
Digital signage For every situation a suitable representation on smart displays.
Who’s at work Find your colleague based on check-in, reservations or location services.


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Sending an invitation for a meeting Send an invitation to your colleagues or invite visitors immediately with our module visit registration.
Adding catering Add catering or services to a reservation.
Register visitor Let users register their visitors themselves and let them control this themselves.
Visitor checks in himself/herself Let the visitor check in at arrival.
Ad hoc registration of visitor A visitor can always register afterwards, if he or she has not announced himself/herself yet.
Notifications Receive an email or mobile notification as soon as your visitor has arrived.
Extensive visitor management As Admin or location manager, you have a full overview on your visitors of today or tomorrow.
Print visitor badge Connect directly with badge printer.


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Check in yourself Users can check in independently by scanning a QR code with the mobile app, via the web app, or via our different Signage solutions.
Location-based services Location determination based on Wi-Fi and beacons.
Sensor monitoring Active staffing level registration with wireless sensors.
Smart integrations Integrate with building management or infrastructure.
Current occupation on Digital Signage displays Offer your building visitors a clear representation of the current occupation level of your desk or rooms.


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Real time Real time representation who is in the office/arrives at the office.
Standard dashboard Dashboard representation actual staffing level, regarding reservations and check-ins.
Tailor-made analytics Generate your own reports by means of various filters.
Connect to external building management systems Integrate with your building management system for data exchange.
BI integration Integrate with various business intelligence tools.

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