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Smart building

Smart workplaces are sustainable. Optimize space utilization on your campus or locations by monitoring the usage of your real estate. Significant cost savings by optimizing space utilization and lowering your energy bill!

Officebooking offers you the tools for a sustainable, safe workplace. In combination with our extensive collection of sensors and monitoring services we offer many standard integrations with enterprise IT services. We make work easy.

Occupancy sensors

Officebooking offers an extensive range of occupancy sensors, either developed by Officebooking or 3rd party solutions. For example, the Officebooking Esca Omni is suitable for measuring occupancy of both desks and rooms. The Omni includes an iBeacon module that supports location based services.

The Esca Locus is a specific LoRa sensor dedicated for monitoring desk usage. The sensor has a long battery life and can also be used for standing desks.

sensoren meten bezetting medewerkers

Room occupancy and air quality

Both Esca Alta and Esca Sphere sensors monitor several variables such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The Esca Alta can also be used as a movement sensor, the Esca Sphere, in addition, measures CO2 levels.


Movement sensors are often insufficient to monitor the exact number of people in a designated area or room. Although the Officebooking Esca Omni can measure the number of people in a room to a limited extent, it is more practical to install a people counter for larger spaces. Our people counting sensors monitor based on the ‘time-of-flight’ principle and use sophisticated techniques to determine the exact number of people. The Peoplecounters supported by Officebooking can be fully integrated with Lora or network services.

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Parking sensor

For parking management, we support LoRa sensors that can be integrated either on or underneath the surface. Our parking sensors have an estimated life span of 4-6 years, for some models the batteries are replaceable.

QR code / Self checkin

Allow your users to check-in upon arrival directly via the mobile app or web app. A simple way to check-in is by scanning a physical QR code label on the desk using the mobile app. We provide high-quality, scratch-resistant labels with QR code and workstation number, making it easy for your users to locate their workspace. The stickers can be of great help to your service support staff as well as they can be integrated with many service apps such as cleaning or maintenance.


NFC checkin

NFC checkin is highly practical as it doesn’t require you to scan a code, just tap on the NFC tag and you’re checked in to your desk. NFC tags can be used in combination with the QR labels or 3rd party suppliers. Officebooking supports a vast number of suppliers and offers full functional integration with access control systems including Paxton, Nedap, Skidata and Salto.

Smart, green building

Get smart! Through various building management systems such as parking management, access control systems, and building information management systems, you have insight into the usage and consumption of your locations. Easily integrate these occupancy data through our APIs or link existing information systems to improve occupancy data. With intelligent connections, you can better control various building functions, such as sunshades, HVAC, and lighting.
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Network access monitoring

WOWS stands for Wifi Occupation and Workstation Services. Occupancy monitoring using Wifi Network Access is a great way to determine the exact number of people at your campus. Our WOWS service can be installed within your own network and provides integration with premium network providers such as HP Aruba, Xtreme networks, and Cisco. Still using fixed workstations? No problem, WOWS makes it possible to determine the location of your user based on login credentials. We offer additional integrations with, for example, Azure AD or Splunk. WOWS is available as both a Microsoft and Java service.

IOT Network Services

For the integration of these smart services, we have our own IoT Network Services Platform. OLNS consists of a fully cloud-based IoT infrastructure for handling and storing sensor messages. We use various existing components (Chirpstack) and in-house developed software (IoT core platform) for this purpose. Messages are stored as raw data for at least six months, and reports can be viewed in the history for the duration of the contract. OLNS has an API that can forward messages to 3rd party applications or our customers’ own infrastructure via both MQTT and HTTPS (push).
The Officebooking platform offers various reporting options and insights into the status of sensors, workstations, and gateways. Access to the Officebooking platform can be set up via Surfconext/SSO.

Smart Sensor Solutions

Our smart sensor solutions offer a solution for every customer and every budget. Monitor the use of your workspaces and assets through the use of various technologies, from QR code to motion sensor. Improve the utilization of your campus or office location and use data to manage your real estate even better.

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