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Find your way via interactive floor plans, find a colleague or look at the actual availability of a room via your mobile phone.
Our interactive signage solutions provide you with the right information at the right time.

Check a desk

Quickly check desk availability via mobile phone, web or on our ‘Wayfinding kiosk’. Intuitive, interactive floorplans help you to quickly search and find an available desk. Check real time availability of your favourite location before traveling to your office destination. 

Where are you?

Find colleagues based on reservations or checkin. Our apps offer you the possibility to search for colleagues at a specific day. Quickly filter on labels such as emergency response team member or department. 

What’s your destination?

Interactive signage is a great tool to guide your visitors at your location. Room availability is shown with clear signs and may show directions. We offer various templates that can be formatted to your company’s branding. 

Did you make a reservation?

Our Interactive touch panels display the individual reservations of a meeting room. Users can checkin on the display or create an ad-hoc reservation. Finished early? Simply end the reservation via the display and free up for another colleague. 

Manage your devices

Officebooking offers extensive administrative tools for all your managed devices. Simply check the status of a display on various real time views. Refresh or reset your devices remote.

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