The Esca OMNI sensor will be fully available from April/May 2017. The Esca OMNI sensor is a wireless sensor that anonymously measures the occupancy and use of workplaces or (meeting) rooms based on movement, among other things.

The sensor communicates on the basis of the LoRa communication protocol with a (standard) gateway. The gateways are easy to connect to your internal network or GSM. Our dashboard gives you quick insight into the current occupancy of your locations and floors.

It is possible to ‘check in’ via the app, wherein an employee must have the Officebooking app. Display of personal data is always on the basis of ‘opt-in’, even without using the check in functionality it is possible to provide insight into the use of space.

Our dashboard gives you insight into the occupancy rate and individual occupancy of your locations and spaces.

Of course, all data can be displayed again via our digital signage applications or linked to your own systems via our API manager.

If you like to have more information or want a testset, feel free to contact us.