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I want to log in with my existing Officebooking account

To access the Officebooking apps you need a personal account. There are several ways to create an account. In most cases, your own organization or employer will create an account for you. Your organization or employer determines how access is provided to the apps, via Single Sign On or by logging in with a username and password.

  1. Download and open the mobile app or visit the web app via login.officebooking.net.
  2. Log in by entering your email address. Please note: logging in is only possible with an e-mail address, not with any other form of username. The system determines which organizational environment you should be referred to on the basis of the domain in the e-mail address.
  3. Then select ‘Sign in’. You will then be redirected to the page intended for you, to enter your password.

Single Sign On

If your organization uses the Single Sign On login method, you can log in in the same way with your own email address. You then go to a separate log in page of your organization, where you log in with your own organization account.

Problems with logging in

If you have a problem logging in, check whether you are using the correct account details. Your account name is always the email address provided during registration.

The domain of your email address may not be recognized immediately. In that case you need to enter your Company code. The Company code is a code consisting of 3 letters, which is unique for every organization. This is often an abbreviation of the organization name. Don’t know the code of your organization? Contact the contact person within your organization.

Still unable to login? Contact the contact person within your organization.

I don’t have an Officebooking account yet and I want to sign up

Don’t have an Officebooking account yet? To create a new user account, contact the Officebooking administrator/contact person within your organization.

My employer does not use Officebooking yet, but I would like to request more information about this

Are you curious about what Officebooking can do for you? Contact us at officebooking.com/en/get-started or request a free demo.