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LoraWAN integration

Officebooking uses two methods of connecting Lora gateways to the officebooking Chirpstack stack.

Deploy the chirpstack-gateway-bridge on the gateway

chirpstack-gateway-bridge is a bridge between the lora gateway and the chirpstack mosquitto broker and connects using secured mqtt connection (login/pw and when needed a valid certificate). Locally on the gateway the packet-forwarder is pointed to localhost to port 1700 for both up and down traffic through UPD. (Chirpstack Gateway Bridge) The chirpstack-gateway-bridge should be configured to have its mqtt client point to lora.officebooking.net through port 8883. Login credentials will be supplied by Officebooking upon request.

Direct connection between packet forwarder and Officebooking Chirpstack through UDP

In this case the chirpstack-gateway-bridge is not located on the gateway itself but is part of the Officebooking lora backend. Up/Down traffic (UDP) from the packet forwarder on the gateway should be directed toward port 1700 on lora.officebooking.net.

The following forwarders are supported :

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