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Manage your main user settings

Officebooking offers many possibilities to manage self service settings for your end users, for example booking rules and notifications. Within the Settings tab in your officeAdmin menu you can find some switches to manage company wide settings.

Recurring reservations enabled for users

This switch allows you to enable recurring reservations within the Webapp for all your users. By setting this switch all users will be able to select Recurring reservations within the Webapp. Recurring reservations is enabled for superusers, location managers and admins by default.

Costcenter mandatory

The field Cost center in reservation forms allows you to assign a cost center to the reservation. This can be useful when booking amenities or when diverting costs of workspace usage to different departments.

By enabling Cost center mandatory your users will be required to enter a Cost center when entering a reservation within the web app, mobile apps or Outlook Add-In. Please be aware that in the event you’ve enabled integrations this rule may conflict with default settings of your integrations.

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