As the season blossoms, we are dedicated to creating handy new features at lightning speed! While enhancing your User Experience, we’ve successfully squashed some pesky bugs. In this update, we want to focus on:

  • New Webapp improvements
  • Sensor and Device registration
  • Signage Templates and Monitoring

New Webapp Improvements

  • In the last few weeks we’ve spend a lot of time improving your experience in the new webapp. Partly available assets are hidden for now, loading speed is improved and Superusers can now manage reservations that were created by their team members.
    There was a small bug in the Mapview causing confusion on the status of the asset which has been resolved.
  • We’ll continue to work on larger and smaller enhancements in the new Webapp, stay tuned for new updates and cool new features.
  • Make sure to take advantage of testing the new Webapp with your team to ensure a seamless transition before the holiday season in December. Rest assured, the old Webapp will be maintained until January 2025.

Sensor and Device Registration
Enhancements have been implemented to streamline the Sensor and Device Registration process, making it simpler to register and monitor devices in real-time. Want to explore our extensive IOT portfolio? Check out our Sensors for more information.

Signage Templates and Monitoring

Exciting news! We’re currently enhancing the Roombooking app with fresh signage templates. One of the latest additions is a privacy-conscious view that displays only the reference code and organizer’s name, while still keeping the appointment name visible to the organizer and receptionist.


Improved display of main reservation reference ID for recurring reservations


Added urls to analytics popularity popup so you can click through to the detailed asset page

Mails and notifications

Added the ICS file to the updated reservation email

Only send an email update to the organiser when there’s a change in the reservation

Replaced workplace details to address for location field in ICS file


Return better error message when selecting an invalid time range for reservations