Officebooking, a leading provider of smart workplace management solutions, proudly announces that the company has been certified according to the NEN 7510 standard for information security in the healthcare sector. This certification was awarded by Dekra, a globally recognized certification body, in March 2023.

The NEN 7510 standard is a key reference framework for information security in the Dutch healthcare industry. The certification confirms that Officebooking meets the highest standards in terms of data security, confidentiality, and privacy protection in the healthcare sector. It underscores Officebooking’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding its customers’ data and enhances their position as a trusted partner in the industry.

Jantine van der Weerdt, CEO of Officebooking, emphasizes the added value of the NEN 7510 certification for the company:

“The NEN 7510 certification is a milestone for Officebooking, and we are extremely proud of this achievement. This certification validates our commitment to the highest standards of information security in the healthcare sector. It enables us to provide our customers, including healthcare institutions and service providers, with a trusted and secure environment for managing their workspaces and sensitive data.”

Van der Weerdt adds, “With the NEN 7510 certification, we demonstrate that we take our responsibilities seriously and continually work to strengthen our security measures. We understand the sensitivity of the information we manage and are determined to protect our customers against the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. This certification reinforces our competitive advantage and confirms our ability to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector.”

Officebooking remains dedicated to innovation and customer-centricity and will continue to invest in ensuring the security and confidentiality of data. The NEN 7510 certification represents a significant milestone in Officebooking’s growth and development as the company strives to strengthen its position as a market leader in the industry.