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Navigating together

At NHL Stenden, learning and working extend far beyond the classroom. Our campus thrives on dynamic interactions as people connect in various spaces, creating an engaging environment.

Based on various student and employee satisfaction surveys, NHL Stenden and Officebooking initiated several design sessions to pinpoint the needs for effective wayfinding. This led to the launch of the pilot project ‘Wayfinding on Campus’ in early May 2024.

The objective of the pilot is to investigate the user experience when searching for a destination using a wayfinding kiosk and mobile phone. Based on the results of this pilot, NHL Stenden will decide on the further implementation of wayfinding at various locations.

At various entry points, we’ve placed wayfinding kiosks where you can search for a destination, request a route, and scan a QR code to view the route on your mobile phone.

We are eager to hear about your experiences. On June 11 and 12, the Officebooking team will be present at Rengerslaan 8 and 10 in Leeuwarden to collect your feedback. Additionally, you can provide your feedback by completing our online form.