A worldclass welcome

Do you host visits on a regular basis? Do you frequently organise meetings, trainings or courses? We offer you the tools to show true hospitality. With our hospitality tools you support the complete visitor journey: invites, check-in and catering.

Direct invites

Your visitors receive an invitation instantly. Check-in is supported by a dedicated QR code. iCal files can be easily added to personal calendars.

Have your cake…

Order your catering directly through our self service tools. Your internal service organisation has its own applications and tools to support check-in and check-out of your visitors.

Self check-in

Our kiosk apps enable the visitor to check-in via our self service kiosks or at the reception desk. You will receive a notification by email or push notification when your guests have checked in.

Service platform

Keep full control over your visits, reservations and facility services. Our dashboards offer real time insights in your office processes. Completely independent and controlled.