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As the world moves towards more efficient and interconnected ways of working, WiFi integrations that support people counting and occupancy monitoring are becoming increasingly popular within real estate management. 

Real estate planning

WiFi integrations allow businesses and organisations to better track and monitor their occupancy levels in real-time, making it easier to manage and adjust their operations accordingly. People counting and occupancy monitoring systems can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of different industries, including real estate, hospitality, retail, and healthcare.
This data can also be used to build long-term strategies and make better decisions when it comes to buying, selling, or leasing properties. 

Energy management

In addition to helping with real estate planning, occupancy monitoring systems can also be incredibly useful for building management services. This is especially beneficial for large campuses, such as universities and hospitals, where energy costs can add up quickly. By monitoring the occupancy of certain areas in real time, HVAC systems can be adjusted to control the temperature in those areas, thus saving energy costs and reducing environmental impact.

Operations management

Historic data can support overall operations management. Examples are public transport planning, crowd management or catering services. Officebooking data can be made available to 3rd party planning systems for planning and monitoring.
Officebooking supports various WiFi integrations with major brands including Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba, Xtreme networks and Juniper. 

Smart integrations

Our WiFi integrations are built on our main integrations controller, Dasya. Dasya is available as a single instance for on-premise hosting or may be hosted by Officebooking.  Dasya takes care of secure authentication, logging and service monitoring.

  • Available as docker container for on-premise hosting

  • Monitoring service availability

  • Data anonymization

  • Who’s at work

  • Automatic check in

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