This non-profit organization offers a gateway to market parties for international decision-making that promotes export power. At the office in Delft, the organization offers approximately 250 employees various workplaces and spaces. In addition, the organization has about 20 meeting rooms where they regularly organize meetings for external guests from all over the world.

To improve their space management, they wanted to offer all employees the possibility to save reservations in a central application. The reception staff in particular spent a lot of time manually entering meetings and facility resources into various systems. An explicit wish was therefore the possibility to link catering services for small and large groups of guests.

One place for all bookings

The employees have all been given access to the Officebooking web application. This allows them to reserve rooms, but also other facilities such as catering and facility services. To further shape the organization’s hospitality policy, a professional display has been placed at the reception with a reservation overview of all meetings. This so-called Booking List automatically refreshes the information every 60 seconds. Reception staff and employees of other facility services can manage all data per location, but also make a booking on behalf of others.

Efficiency boost

Officebooking has resulted in considerable efficiency gains within the organization. Reservation processes run smoothly and spaces are used more effectively, reducing costs per m2. Employees are satisfied with the operation of the apps and experience considerable time savings. Interactive touch panels have been placed next to the rooms on which the employee has direct insight into the availability of the rooms.