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Case Study: Revolutionizing Workspace Management with Digital Signage and Self-Service Room Booking

In our latest blog post, we delve into an exemplary case of a non-profit organisation, a beacon in the realm of national and international standardisation, and how they transformed their workspace management at their Delft Offices. Housing approximately 250 employees and regularly hosting a plethora of global experts and committee members, they faced a significant challenge in managing their space efficiently.

The Shift to Self-Service Reservation Management: To streamline their space management, the organisation introduced a self-service reservation system for all employees. This move was primarily aimed at alleviating the workload of the reception staff, who were burdened with manually inputting meetings and facility resources across various systems. A crucial aspect of this upgrade was the integration of catering services, catering to both small and large groups of guests, thereby enhancing their hospitality offerings.

Introducing the Centralised Booking System: Enter Officebooking – the web application that has become the central hub for all reservations. This innovative system allows employees not just to book rooms but also to access additional facilities like catering and other services. Aligning perfectly with the organisation’s hospitality policy, a professional digital display was installed at the reception. This Digital Signage Application serves as an ideal example of practical wayfinding, combined seamlessly with hospitality services, showing a live reservation overview for all meetings.

Boosting Efficiency through Innovation: The implementation of Officebooking marked a significant turning point in the organisation’s operational efficiency. The reservation process became more streamlined, leading to better space utilisation and reduced costs per square metre. The employees have welcomed the app’s functionality, enjoying considerable time savings. Furthermore, interactive touch panels positioned beside rooms provide real-time information on room availability, a testament to the successful integration of self-service room booking and digital signage.

This case stands as a shining example of how combining Digital Signage, Self-Service Room Booking, and Hospitality Services can lead to substantial improvements in workspace management, both in terms of efficiency and user satisfaction.