A good secretary, personal assistant, or office manager is worth their weight in gold. This right-hand person, jack-of-all-trades, and multitasker ensures that everything runs smoothly every day. However, the role of a secretary is changing more and more. Societal, digital, and substantive developments influence the field. Tasks and responsibilities change, shift, or even disappear altogether. Technology is surpassing humans. Where secretaries used to spend a lot of time making appointments, reserving locations, and chasing unreachable colleagues, smart software now takes care of much of that work.

Transition to self-service organizations

But technology does not necessarily change the working person, but rather the way we fill our work. Today’s society demands a high degree of flexibility, accessibility, and knowledge of ICT applications. All in all, the secretary’s profession is becoming increasingly complex and more responsibilities are being added. That is why it is important that secretaries are well facilitated in this. Providing the right tools is becoming an increasingly important focus for employers. However, these tools must be safe, reliable, and user-friendly. Only in this way can an organization smoothly transition to a smart office or self-service organization and give the secretary time for other important tasks.

How do you maintain a hospitable appearance?

In addition to the many benefits of digitization, it also brings new challenges. Personal meetings are becoming scarcer, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain a recognizable and hospitable appearance. Here too, we should not underestimate the role of the secretary. A secretary is often a first point of contact, the organizer of meetings, the person you chat with and turn to first. This personal contact is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for organizations to show their hospitality. Corporate hospitality is therefore about finding the right balance between personal, physical, and digital services throughout the entire customer journey; from home to workplace.

Secretary’s Day

Today is Secretary’s Day, a great opportunity to offer a solution to the linchpin of many organizations’ biggest challenge: keeping track of all their colleagues’ meetings, appointments, and requests. Through the personal app OfficeManager, the secretary keeps track of everything from visitors, reservation requests to parking spaces. Convenient, isn’t it?

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