How do I change my personal settings in the web app?

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “setting” in the dropdown menu. Below, we explain what each setting means.

  • Upload image: Press the ‘upload’ button within the settings to add a profile picture to personalize your profile. This photo will be visible in the “Who’s at Work” list and make it easier for your colleagues to recognize you.
  • Language: unlike the mobile app, you can choose the language you want to use the web app within the ‘general settings’.
  • Visibility: Under ‘Language’ within ‘General settings’, you can switch off your visibility. Here, you can set whether your profile is visible to other users in the app. If you set it to invisible, you will also not be visible on the “Who’s at work” screen when you check in and your colleagues will not know that you are working in the office.
  • Time zone, Date, and time format: Your time zone has been set by your admin and you can not change it, But you can select your preferred date and time format.
  • Preferred Location: Choose your preferred office location. When you click on “Locations” in the top bar menu, your preferred location will automatically open.
  • Preferred workspace view: Select your preferred workspace within your preferred location. When you click on one of the views in the top bar menu, the workspace you prefer in the chosen location will open.
  • Preferred view: set whether you want the map view, list view, or planner view as the default view.

In your profile, you also have the option to change your first name, middle name, last name, and most importantly, your account password.

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