2013-11-27 Rotterdam:

The Marketplace for Mobility officially launched. The Marketplace is a result of a tender by the Verkeersonderneming (traffic management), a collaboration between the municipality of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam metropolitan region, the Dutch government, and the Rotterdam port authority.

Officebooking is one of the 16 winners of this tender. At the event organized by the Verkeersonderneming, the 16 companies presented their services and products. Minister Schultz van Haegen spoke with all participants and also got to know the innovative services of Officebooking.

Launch of the Marketplace for Mobility great success

In particular, the ability to allow employees to work closer to home as a measure to avoid rush hour traffic appealed to the minister. As a demonstration of their capability, Officebooking offered her a fully arranged rush hour experience, without encountering any traffic jams of course!

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