Successful deploy of new login service

In July-August we started with the deploy of our new login service. Most customers have switched from the old service to the new service and made necessary changes within Microsoft AD or Google Workspace. The remaining customers will be approached in the forthcoming weeks to get support in switching to the new service. 
In the next months we will deploy some additional changes where users will be redirected to their respective login pages even faster. It will be possible to activate multiple login methods and integrations within one company. 
If you or your users experience any issues with logging in please contact us on with detailed information, we will pick up all issues directly. 

Outlook Add-in

The Outlook Add-in has been improved! Next to creating a reservation you can now edit your reservation and add video equipment. Contact our Support team for support with the integration and deploy or the Add-in within your organisation.

Esca Alta CO2 sensors

Worried about air quality within your meeting rooms and training rooms? No sweat, Officebooking offers multiple sensors that monitor air quality and comfort levels such as temperature, CO2, humidity and occupancy. Sensors and gateways are easy to install, within a couple of hours you are ready to start monitoring. Want to know more? Read more on our website or contact us directly. 

Read more about the Alta CO2 sensor

New web app soon available

Next year we are ready to rock! Our new web app will be deployed. The new app will offer the same main features as the current app, but has gone through thorough restyling and user experience improvements. Existing users can switch easily between the old and new app. End of October we will supply a renewed communication kit with new images and user guides.

What are we working on?

At the moment we are working on the following features and projects: 


Soon we will support multiple login providers per customer, easy if you want to access different domains within your organization. This will, for example, provide temporary employees separate access with a username and password.

Planner in mobile app

A handy planner will soon be available on the mobile apps. This allows you to see at a glance which rooms or workplaces are still available and you can immediately make a reservation via the planner view.

New database

As part of technical maintenance and improving the scalability of our platform, preparations are currently being made for the transition to a new database management platform. We expect to make a step-by-step transition in November. The data migration is performed on Saturdays. It is possible that our platform is not available for some customers at that time. The final schedule will be communicated shortly.