Officebooking attended the IFS Ultimo Healthcare Congress on April 12. The event, held at the Amphia Hospital in Breda, brought together professionals from the healthcare sector and technology providers to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the healthcare industry. It was an inspiring day full of engaging conversations and valuable insights into the future of healthcare.

At the IFS Ultimo Healthcare Congress, experts and stakeholders in the healthcare sector were able to network and share knowledge. The event drew a wide range of participants, including healthcare professionals, facility managers, technology providers, and other stakeholders active in the healthcare sector. With a diverse program of presentations, the congress provided a wealth of information and inspiration for the participants.

One of the main themes during the congress was the role of technology in the healthcare sector. Speakers emphasized the increasing need for digital transformation in healthcare and how technology can contribute to improved patient care, more efficient work processes, and cost savings.

As an innovative player in workplace management, Officebooking had the opportunity to demonstrate how our software solutions can support the healthcare sector in optimizing the work environment and improving patient care. Officebooking’s founder and CEO, Jantine van der Weerdt, presented the operating room of the future in her presentation; an operating room in which technology will play an increasingly prominent role. To ensure the added value of IT solutions, an efficient and well-considered setup is required.

During the event, Officebooking had the opportunity to engage with other professionals in the healthcare sector, such as facility managers, IT managers, and healthcare providers, to better understand their challenges and needs. By listening to the wishes and demands of healthcare professionals, Officebooking can better adapt its platform to the challenges of today’s healthcare sector.