At officebooking, we believe that efficient coordination and resource management are vital to productivity and success. To address the evolving needs of our valued customers, we want to introduce you to the Superuser role and the new features that we have extended within it.

The Superuser role serves as a crucial bridge between regular Users and Location Managers, offering a balanced set of privileges and responsibilities. While regular users possess standard rights to create and manage reservations, location managers have comprehensive control over the reservation system. The Superuser feels the gap between these two positions, catering to the needs of professionals such as Personal Assistants (PA’s), Team Managers, Secretaries or Office Assistants who require elevated permissions to efficiently carry out their day-to-day work.

Access/Features User Superuser Location Manager Admin
Access to officeAdmin  √
Regular reservation  √  √  √  √
Recurring reservation If allowed
Reservations on behalf Team members All users All users
Edit / manage recurring series If allowed, own series Series from Team members All series All series
Team/Shift reservations
Visitor registration If allowed Invitations from Team members All visits for location All visits
Visitor management All visits for location All visits

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