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The flexibility of location policy

When three large separate administrative organizations merged, the number of locations of this water board was too large for the number of employees. Instead of simply closing locations, this customer chose a different path. The travel distance between the old place of residence and the new head office would increase to more than 30 km for some employees.

To improve their space management, they wanted to offer all employees the possibility to save reservations in a central application. The reception staff in particular spent a lot of time manually entering meetings and facility resources into various systems. An explicit wish was therefore the integration of Outlook into the new system and the possibility to link catering services for small and large groups of invitees.

Use of existing production locations

Because the production locations of this customer remained operational as usual, a new accommodation plan was drawn up. From now on, employees could also choose a workplace at one of the production locations. To this end, the workplaces had to be adapted and certain measures had to be taken so that more people could work at the old locations.

Pressure gauge

This also included a ‘busy meter’, so that employees could easily see on an app how busy it would be at a certain location. This allows them to easily decide between working at home or on location.
Several locations have now been adapted and equipped with our ESCA Omni wireless sensors. Employees can easily view the activity at a location via the app.

Save costs

The total cost of purchasing Officebooking is negligible compared to the savings on accommodation and travel costs. Real-time insight into the occupancy of the locations and individual workplaces means that a better balance can be made between, for example, increasing the capacity of a specific location or renting an additional location.

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