‘Agile’ is now a frequently heard term in service organizations when it comes to the working method and customer approach. This often means that organizations strive for a higher degree of flexibility in order to respond more quickly to customer and market demand.

This financial service provider plays an important role in credit management for SMEs and the government. The work is intensive and although supported to a large extent by ICT, it remains human work. Agile working also often requires short consultations in which teams briefly retreat to discuss the priorities of the day.

When moving to a new building, the management of this client wanted to provide sufficient space for short consultations, an office for a day, and quiet areas. The new building was amply equipped with various consultation, training, and meeting rooms. Of course, this also includes modern, flexible signage. Officebooking Digital Room Signage was installed in 55 rooms.

Reservations are synchronized with the Officebooking platform via a link with Office 365. Employees can easily find their way and make ad hoc reservations via Interactive Room Signage.