Future-proof vision on studying

Higher and scientific education is subject to major change. Where in the past it was an absolute necessity for the student and teacher to come together in knowledge transfer, modern technology has removed an important barrier and teaching material can easily be transferred remotely.

Students prepare or look up information online, and collaboration in teams is possible via all kinds of chat and video apps.

Yet there is an increased need for contact ‘in real life’. Campuses are slowly turning into meeting places where educators and students meet, collaborate, and inspire each other.

This requires a completely different approach to housing needs. The modern campus has an extensive collection of workplaces and spaces that can be visited and reserved on an ad hoc basis. Naturally, the status of these rooms must be able to be requested directly and in real-time.

Officebooking provided a pilot for the realization of a strategic future plan in which approximately 60 workplaces and spaces were equipped with sensors. During a period of six months, actual use of space was measured and research was carried out into the usage aspects and the technology used.

This research aims to arrive at a future-proof vision of the university’s accommodation and how technology will play a role in this.