What should I do if the app crashes after logging in?

Install the latest version of the app

Have you already installed the latest version of the mobile app? Officebooking is constantly improving the app, which means that possible problems have been solved with the latest version. Always make sure you have the latest version installed to avoid problems. Does the app still crash? Then you will need to delete the cache of the app from your phone and install the app again.

No default location yet?

Did uninstalling and reinstalling the app not work? Login via the web app and check your settings. Choose your location and save the data. This data will be synchronized with the mobile app, after which the app will open by default at your location after logging in.

Report problem

Does this still not solve your problem and does the app still crash? Please contact the contact person within your organization and tell them which mobile phone you use, which software version it runs (eg Android version 11) and which version of the Officebooking app you have installed. With this information, your contact person will contact an Officebooking support employee.

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