How do I edit the general organization details?

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ in the menu.
  2. Now all fields that you can change open at the organization level. Many fields will speak for themselves, others perhaps less so. Below you will find additional information about some of the fields:
  • Language: the language you set here is the language setting for the OfficeAdmin. This language is the same for all Location Managers and Admin users.
  • Header text: here you have the option to add an extra quote or quote to the header in the web app.
  • Tag prefix: also called the Company Code. This code consists of 3 letters and is an abbreviation of the organization name. This code is used when logging in with Single Sign On.
  • E-mail: General e-mail address of the organization. This email address will be shown in the activation emails for new users.
  • Valid email domains: Enter the allowed domain names here to restrict access from external users outside the organization. After this it is no longer possible to create a user account with an e-mail address with a different domain name if it is not in this list. Add the domain names as follows: | |
  • Restrict reservations during opening hours: set this function to ‘Restricted’, so that it is only allowed to make reservations during opening hours. For example, no reservations can be made that last longer than one working day. Make sure you set the opening times with the location. Read more in this article.

Fields such as SSO id/metadata, cancellation period and text notification can be left blank.

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