How do I configure the default language?

Language settings OfficeAdmin

Under ‘Settings’ in OfficeAdmin, you can select a language for the general organization data. This is not the default language for all end users in the apps. The language you select here is the language for the OfficeAdmin management portal only.

  1. Go to the menu and select ‘Settings.’
  2. Navigate to ‘General’.
  3. Select your organization’s language in the ‘Language’ section.
  4. Then select ‘Save’ to save your settings.

Language settings for the end user

The language for end users can be configured per user in the ‘Users’ menu item. In the web app, the user can also edit their language settings for themselves.

It’s not possible to change the language setting yourself on the mobile app. The mobile app adjusts the language according to the general language settings of the phone being used. This can therefore differ from the language that is set in the OfficeAdmin for the organization or for the user.

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