Office 365 Problem Solving

Due to the differences in storage and processing of meetings between Exchange Online (“Office 365”) and Officebooking, there may be known events that can cause differences in your calendars. We have implemented a number of “tools” to check these differences and to self-analyze the root cause of these differences.

Office 365 view

In the reservations overview in officeAdmin, we show the “planner.” The planner is a day-by-day overview of all your reservations for a specific location. By selecting “Office 365,” the planner shows all meetings directly from the Outlook calendar of the meeting room. These meetings are marked with a blue color.

View reservations in planner after selecting Office 365

You can toggle between Officebooking and Office 365 view. Reservations shown in the Office 365 view are directly obtained from the Outlook Resource Calendar of the meeting room.

Switching between both vies is a great way to check if there are any differences that might explain differences between both calendars.

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