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Synchronization information

All TOPdesk reservations that are created for the next 24 hours (from now) are synced to Officebooking (and vice versa) every 5 minutes. This way you get an accurate overview of the reservations that are created inside the next 24 hours, all day long.

All other Topdesk reservations that are created for a period of max 180 days or less (from now) will be synchronized every day overnight. After they have been created in TOPdesk, they will show up in Officebooking (and vice versa) the next morning. The maximum amount of synchronization days is customizable.


Step 1: Access to OfficeAdmin and TOPdesk environment

This guide assumes someone in your organization (or Officebooking Support) has already created an Admin account for you. This account will give you access to the OfficeAdmin portal.

Next, you’ll need administrative access to your company TOPdesk environment. Once you’ve gained access to both environments you can start implementing the integration.


Step 2: Set identifier in the OfficeAdmin

  1. Login to the OfficeAdmin portal and go to the ‘Settings’ page in your menu. Open the tab ‘Integrations’ on the top of the page.
  2. Here you choose the ‘Topdesk’ option.
  3. Enter your TOPdesk endpoint and user name.
  4. Next you need to create an application password that needs to be entered in the last field on this page.


Step 3: Create an application password

To work with the API it expects an application password. This is not the password used to login to the web interface.

  1. To create an Application password, go to the user settings via the Operator menu in the top right of TOPdesk -> My Settings.
  2. Choose ‘Add’ in the Application passwords block.
  3. Fill in the application name or purpose this application keyword will be used for. This name is only used to tell application passwords apart. It is recommended to use different passwords for different applications that will use the API
  4. In addition to a name an expiry date can be set for the password. After this date, the password can no longer be used to access the API and a new one must be generated. The default expiry date is one year into the future.


Step 4: Enter the application password in the OfficeAdmin

After the ‘Create’ button is selected the application password will be displayed. This is the only time the password will be displayed, because it will be hashed before it is stored in the database.

Copy this password to ‘Topdesk password’ field in the OfficeAdmin to access the API. Now you are ready to send requests to the TOPdesk API.


Step 5: Connect an asset in Officebooking with the corresponding TOPdesk meeting room

Now that the TOPdesk API is working, your TOPdesk rooms will be pushed to Officebooking. To connect them follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Assets’ page in the left menu of the
  2. Search for the meeting room you want to connect. It can help to filter on the right category, for example ‘Meeting room’.
  3. Select the name of the asset and select ‘Edit’.
  4. A new field with the name ‘Topdesk location’ has now been added.
  5. Click on this field and all TOPdesk rooms will be visible.
  6. Select the corresponding room.
  7. Now select ‘Save asset’ to finish connecting the asset.


Step 6: Start testing

  1. To test if the integration is working start by creating a reservation in TOPdesk for the next day (reservation needs to be within 24 hours from now to be visible in Officebooking right away).
  2. Open the ‘Reservations’ page in the OfficeAdmin. Search for the room you’ve just created a reservation for.
  3. The Officebooking app needs 5 minutes to synchronise every new reservation from TOPdesk, so it can take a while before the reservation shows up in Officebooking.
  4. If the integration works correctly, the reservation from TOPdesk will now be visible in Officebooking as well.



I can’t find a room in the list of TOPdesk rooms, to connect to an Officebooking asset.

In this case the room probably doesn’t exist in TOPdesk. Check if the room exists. If this is not the case you should create the room inside TOPdesk. Then refresh the OfficeAdmin Asset page of the corresponding asset and check if the room has appeared in the id list.


I can only see the reservations from today and tomorrow show up in Officebooking.

Officebooking only synchronizes (every 5 minutes) the reservations that are created for the next 24 hours from now. If you’re reservation is created for anytime after 24 hours, it will be synchronized at midnight and will show up in Officebooking on the next morning.

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