Trouble shooting Visitor Registration

Trouble shooting: display installation

  • Display won’t boot
    Try rebooting the device by pressing the top left button and select ‘Restart’. If this won’t work please contact Officebooking Support.
  • Display keeps restarting Android
    Please check your Power over Ethernet settings. The SLB display requires PoE+. This needs to be dedicated to the ports for the display. Currently the displays don’t support LLDP.
  • Brightness of the display is very low
    Open ‘Settings’ on the home screen and select ‘Display’. Set the brightness of the display to the highest value or as desired.
  • Can’t login to the Visitor Registration app
    Please check the user account (in the OfficeAdmin) that’s used to log in on the display. The user account should have the role ‘Location manager’ to be able to log in to the Visitor Registration app.
  • The logo on the home screen of the app is not sharp
    In some cases the logo has been uploaded in a very small size, suitable for mobile, but less suitable for display size. If the logo is not sharp enough for the Visitor Registration app, follow the previous steps above to upload a larger size logo.


Trouble shooting: using the Visitor Registration app

  • A visitor has arrived, but the QR code does not work
    If the QR code does not work on arrival, the visitor can still check in manually by entering a code on the check-in screen. This code is stated in the invitation received.


Contact Officebooking Support

Please contact us if you’re running into any problems or if there are any questions regarding the installation process. All support request should be send to

When requesting support, please check the following details and include this information with your request:

  • Version of the display
  • Version of firmware
  • Version of Officebooking app
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