This real estate investor and lessor of multi-tenant buildings manage campuses with research facilities such as laboratories and R&D spaces.

To improve their services, they wanted to offer their tenants the opportunity to reserve rooms at various locations in the Netherlands. An important condition was that tenants would have easy access to the Office booking platform via multiple applications.

Book directly

Tenants have access to all meeting rooms within the client’s file. Handy, because this way tenants can also reserve a room at one of the various locations in the Netherlands. Via the dashboard of the platform, the landlord has insight into the use and consumption of the facility resources per location. In this way, well-considered decisions can be made in the field of asset management.

Improvement of operational staffing

This form of flexibilization of real estate has greatly improved the operational capacity of this organization. In addition, the application of Officebooking has led to better mobility for employees. They now choose the work location that suits their wishes, socially or based on activity. This gives them more control over how and where they can best do their work.