This multi-campus university of applied sciences with branches in the Netherlands and abroad offers education to more than 24,000 students. Due to a merger, two campuses have been merged, totaling no less than 50,000 m2. A hip interior and a lot of attention to hospitality make this university of applied sciences a dynamic learning environment for students and employees.

Service and quality first

At this University of Applied Sciences, quality and service for students and employees are paramount. Hence the desire to offer them the opportunity to find available spaces themselves.

Principles in our approach:

  • Insight into available spaces in real time
  • Insight into real-time occupancy of study landscapes using a crowd meter
  • Insight into planned space use based on schedules and existing reservation systems
  • Determine utilization based on occupancy data
  • Insight into real-time availability of meetings and classrooms

Sensors in more than 400 rooms and study landscapes

To comply with these principles, we have installed sensors in various education and consultation rooms. These sensors accurately measure the use of more than 400 different rooms and study places. The sensors exchange information with the Officebooking platform so that students and employees can view the current occupancy at any time via the web app.

We supported the University of Applied Sciences through various campaigns and means of communication for the communication roll-out of the platform.

Improved logistics

Employees have exclusive access to information about the occupation of meetings and classrooms. In a follow-up phase, the schedules of the University of Applied Sciences will also be integrated. By offering location-based services in this way, traffic flows within the campus can be actively managed. The extensive datasets guide the University of Applied Sciences in future decisions about its real estate policy and the design of facility processes.