2018-03-16 Leeuwarden

In March 2018 we started with the rollout of the Officebooking Blue app among students at a multi-campus Hogeschool in Friesland. The University of Applied Sciences, with branches in the Netherlands and abroad, provides education to approximately 24,000 students. Due to a recent merger, the various locations and campuses have been merged so that students from both universities of applied sciences can use the various facilities.

At this University of Applied Sciences, quality and service for students and employees are paramount. Hence the desire to offer both employees and students the opportunity to find available rooms and study places themselves. To arrive at the right approach, we have formulated the following principles together with the client:

• Insight into available spaces in real time
• Insight into real-time occupancy of study landscapes using a crowd meter
• Insight into the planned use of space
• Determine utilization based on occupancy data
• Insight into real-time availability of workplaces

To meet all requirements we have installed wireless sensors in various teaching, meeting, and study areas. These sensors accurately measure the use of a total of 400 rooms and workplaces. The sensors exchange information with the Officebooking platform so that students and staff can view the current occupancy at any time.

The official start took place in March, where, in addition to implementation support, we also offered assistance with the communication roll-out. Using a small-scale student campaign in the form of bilingual flyers, posters, and the web page checkjewerkplek.nl we supported the University of Applied Sciences in informing students.


In a second phase, the teaching and meeting schedules of the Hogeschool will also be integrated. By offering location-based services in this way, we help the University of Applied Sciences to make the logistics processes better, more fun, and more transparent. The statistics from our web app also guide the University of Applied Sciences in future decisions about their real estate policy.