What access permissions does an Admin have?

Within Officebooking we distinguish different roles and rights. The Admin has the ability to make changes to the data and settings, via the OfficeAdmin administrator portal. The Admin has full access to the app and can see everything that happens behind the scenes. In the OfficeAdmin portal, you keep track of your locations, assets, and users (roles). You keep the Location managers informed of any changes, and you’re the initial point of contact for questions about Officebooking.

Overview permissions Admin

  • Insight into all reservations and sessions (checkins), across all locations
  • Insight into the occupancy rate, across all locations, via the dashboard
  • Option to print out the data
  • Creating, editing or canceling a reservation on behalf of another user
  • Starting or closing a session on behalf of another user
  • Change policy settings (max. number of reservations per week, opening hours, etc.)
  • Add users and edit user data
  • Add/edit locations
  • Add/edit assets (availability)
  • Using user/asset groups


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