How do I find an available desk/room in the mobile app?

You can search in the app in several ways:

Via ‘Search’ in the menu

The fastest way to find an available desk/room is via the ‘Search’ screen at the top of the menu. On this screen you can search by your desired date/time, the number of seats in the room, by category or by a specific location.

Make sure you turn on the ‘Filter on availability’ switch, so that you only see the available desks or rooms after filtering.

Via the list view

Another way is to search for a desk/room via the list view of a location. You can find this by selecting a location under ‘My location’ or ‘Locations’.

The list view shows a complete overview of all desks/rooms within this location. An available desk/room is shown with a green dot.

Via the map view

The map view shows the same content as the list view, only in a visual way. This search method works well in a situation where you are looking for a specific fixed desk or a space near you. Available desks/rooms are also shown here with a green dot.

Via the planner view

The Planner view presents today‘s desks/rooms availability and their reservations in a timeline. Filter your preferred desk/room by category, then click the corresponding time slot to open the reservation page. Enter your information and click “reserve”.

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