How do I get an overview of my devices?

After installing all Signage screens it is possible to add them to an overview within the OfficeAdmin. You do this within the menu item ‘Devices’. The screens must first be manually added to the overview, in order to be able to edit them afterwards.

Add screens to the overview

  1. Navigate to ‘Devices’ in the left menu.
  2. Select the ‘+ Add’ button.
  3. Then fill in the following information and link the correct space to the screen.

    Device name (mandatory):
    give the screen a name. For example, the same name as the room where the screen hangs.
    Select device type: when adding a Room Signage screen, choose the option “Room panel”.
    UID: enter the unique id of the room or device.
    Mac ID: if desired, it is possible to add the Mac ID of the screen here, so that the hardware is also registered.
    Device account: select the device user account previously created to log in with on the screen.
    Asset (mandatory): select the room to which the screen is linked. This asset is also linked to the previously created device user. If the asset doesn’t appear in the list automatically, typ in the name of the asset for it to come up.
    Select template (mandatory): the ‘Classic template is the default template. By default, this template shows the room data, including photo, and the timeline. This template makes it possible as standard to make a reservation via the touch screen. If you want to change the display of the screen, you can select a different template here.

  4. Then select the ‘Add’ button to add and save the device. The screen has now been added to the overview.
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