How do I add desks/rooms to a group (asset groups)?

Add asset group

An asset group is intended to assign specific assets to specific users, by linking with user groups. When you start with a new Officebooking account, there are no asset groups created yet. You only create this if you really intend to set different rules for a specific group of desks/rooms or if you want to subdivide the desks/rooms among the users.

  1. Navigate to ‘Asset Groups’ in the menu.
  2. Select ‘+ Add’ to add a new asset group.
  3. Read below what the different fields mean exactly and then fill in the data. All fields with an asterisk are required.

Name*: give your asset group a name. Tip: Give your asset group the same name as the user group you want to link it to. This makes it clear which asset group belongs to which user group.

Description: give your asset group additional explanation if necessary.


Add assets

After filling in the above fields, click on ‘Save asset group’. Now a number of new fields appear.

Assets*: click on the field and you will get a list with all existing assets from the system. If you click on an asset, it will be added in the field. If you want to add another asset, click inside the field, under the first asset added and the list appears again. In this field you also have the option to quickly find an asset by typing the asset name.


If you want to directly link a user group to your asset group, you can also do this during this step. If you don’t want this yet, you can skip this step and click directly on ‘Save asset group’ to save your asset group.

User groups*: link the asset group to the user group you created earlier. Now the above assets are only visible to users from this user group. Tip: do you want to hide a large group of assets? Then create an asset group and attach an empty user group to it. That way, the assets will not be visible to anyone.

Then select the ‘Save asset group’ button again to completely save your group, including assets and linked to a user group. The asset group is now added to the asset groups list.

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