How do I register a new visitor in the web app?

1. Navigate to ‘Visits’ in the top bar of the web app.
2. To register a new visitor, select the ‘+ Add visitor’ button.
3. Now a form opens to fill in the details of your visitor.

Under ‘add visitor’

Name (required field): enter the first and last name of your visitor.

Email (required field): enter the email address of the visitor. The visitor will receive a confirmation at this email address.

Phone: enter the phone number of the visitor. This number can be used to contact the visitor if necessary.

Company name: indicate for which organization your visitor works.

License plate: if your visitor comes by car, you have the option to mention the license plate of the car here. This field is not required.

Under ‘visit details’

Date and time (required field): indicate the date and duration of the visit.

Location (required field): select the building in which the visit takes place in the dropdown menu.

Workplace: indicate in which workplace/room the visit will take place. This way, a location manager knows to which location in the building he/she can refer the visitor and where the visitor will be located in the building.

Title: here you can give the visitor a title. This field is not required.

Comments: if necessary, provide additional information about the visit.


4. Then select the ‘Save’ button to save your visitor.

After registering the visitor, he/she will receive an invitation with all the details of the visit, along with the location details of the location at the indicated email address. The visitor will also find a QR code in this invitation, which he/she can use to check in upon arrival at the location. As the host of the visit (you have registered the visitor), you will receive a mobile notification when your visitor has arrived and checked in.

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